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Kenya has a magical effect for anyone visiting the country.  The country has diverse attractions from the spectacular wilderbeest migration plus the pristine white sandy beaches.  Nairobi the capital city of Kenya is the only National Park with Wildlife in the whole world.

Great Rift Valley

cradle of mankind and the Snow Capped Mt. Kenya.

The beautiful scenes in Kenya are breath-taking and unique from the Great Rift Valley, Sandy Northern Zone known as the cradle of mankind and the Snow Capped Mt. Kenya.

60 National Parks and Reserves

Wildlife Attraction

The country has 60 National Parks and Reserves all with abundant wildlife. Activities include bird watching, adrenalin packed activities or just whiling away at the beach.


Cultural Activities

Kenya enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year and great cultural diversity from the famous Maasai and Samburu Culture. Sports forms an integral part in tourism with Kenyan athletes and rugby players positioning the country hence increasing chances of sports tourism.


Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Events

The MICE market in Kenya has grown over time and the country ranks as one of the top MICE destinations in Africa. Nairobi is a hub for Africa making it easily accessible by air from any destination across the world.</p> <p>Recently, the country has been hosting many sporting and musical events.</p> <p>Kenya’s culinary expertise is unsurpassed within the region and a must experience for the foodies.</p> <p>Shopping and nightlife in Nairobi and it’s environs provides a value addition to the tourism cycle…</p> <p>Kenya is indeed a magical destination.


The Kereita Forest Zipline

Kenya is host to a myriad of Ziplines and the Kereita Forest Zipline is the longest in East Africa. It is an attraction for Adrenalin junkies hosting paint balls and archeries. You can also take an easy nature walk before the Zipline<br />



Tourism and MICE

Gorilla Trekking, Cultural Tourism and Conservation

Rwanda has made a remarkable entry and is renowned world over for Gorilla Trekking, Cultural Tourism and Conservation. The capital City is nestled between hilltops and an orderly town hosting one of the largest convention rooms attracting the MICE market.</p> <p>

Park National de Volans

Gorilla Trekking

Park National de Volans lies along the Virunga Mountains shared by Uganda and Congo and is centrally located for wildlife viewing and the famous Gorilla Trekking. It is perfect due to it’s proximity to Kigali. There is a rich culture in this destination at Musanza. Nyungwe is a rainforest hosting Chimps and a magnificent canopy walk where you enjoy birdlife. Leopards, jackals, hyenas and lions can be viewed here.</p> <p>


water activities and agro-tourism

For those who enjoy water activities and agro-tourism, Rubavu is perfect for these activities.



Tanzania is host to unexplored parks in the Southern Circuit but is re-nowned as the Land of Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and Zanzibar.  Mt. Kilimanjaro is the Roof Top of Africa and the highest free standing mountain in the world whilst the largest Animal Symphony in the World – The great migration between Serengeti and Maasai Mara provides a great experience to anyone visiting Tanzania.


The Land Of Spices

Zanzibar and Pemba offer great sun soaking moments for guests on the white sandy beaches with crystal clear water.<br />

Ngorongoro Crater,

8th wonder of the World

The Ngorongoro Crater, an 8th wonder of the World and holding the Oldupai Gorge where remains for the 1st upright man were found is indeed the only caldera in the world with all the big 5 and scenic sites. The vast Serengeti Plains are indeed the Mecca of wildlife where you will locate all animals in huge numbers and is the whole to the Wilderbeest.


Lake manyara Ziplining

Lake Manyara National Park is host to the first zipline in Tanzania. You get to enjoy some great scenes as you rush through to the base. The venue can be used for hiking, nature walks and biking.


All Air cruises

Scaling the top of Africa,Mt. Kilimanjaro is a daunting task for many. Our exciting packages that include a Heli Cruise, Epic Kili Cruise and the premium Grand Kili Voyage are a favourite with our guests. All Air<br /> cruises include the gear.



Uganda is an amazing destination with mountains and ridges.  Uganda is home to the famous Snow-capped Ruwenzori Mountain.  The birdlife in Uganda is amazing and you can enjoy a boat safari on Lake Victoriaand explore the source of the Nile.  


An adventurer in the Mabira Forest

An adventurer will enjoy the Zipline in the Mabira Forest, white water rafting on the nile, Kayaking and Quad Bikes in Jinja.<br />

Bwindi National Park

Home to the Mountain Gorillas

The remote Bwindi National Park is the home to the Mountain Gorillas and the Murchison falls National Park has an amazing waterfall..


The Mabira Forest canopy

The Mabira Forest canopy is located a few kilometers before Jinja town taking you from the lowest to the highest tree in the rainforest which is just breathtaking and running 250 metres.</p> <p>While at the top, you view the different layers of the rainforest whislt listening to the river running below and the chirping of birds. The Griffin falls can be clearly heard roaring away. You can take a hike back to the briefing centre or get mountain bike and ride away.

Kampala has an amazing night life 7 days a week and the party lovers will have a super awesome time.



One  of the greatest wonders in the World – Victorial Falls calls Zimbabwe home.

The attractions in Zimbabwe are immense from Hwange National Park, Matebeleland, Kariba Dam which is the largest man made dam in the world, generating power to the country.  Game drives along the Zambezi are amazing with the gentle giants coming close and here you will find tourists enjoying some fishing expeditions on the luxury boats and fun filled evenings. The Manapools National Park a World Heritage Site hosts elephants, buffaloes, Elands and has  over 350 species of exotic birds. It is regarded as the best National Park in Africa for walking safaris.

Lion Conservation

walk with the lions

Zimbabwe hosts the Lion Conservation Centre – a unique project where you also get to walk with the lions kicking out the fear of the King of the jungle.<br />

The Eastern Highliands

amazing golf courses

The Eastern Highliands are home to some of the most amazing golf courses and adrenaline packed activities with beautiful landscapes.


The victoria Falls

This is one of the most exciting Zipline that is 125m above the valley floor giving a flying sensation. The experience is quite thrilling and a must visit for adrenaline junkies. Coupled with the mighty Vicfalls this is a must visit.<br />

A visit to Bulawayo is not complete without a town trip where professional guides will take you through the town’s history and not too far from town, enjoy some Rhino tracking.



This huge country offers great tourism opportunities for culture and history lovers.  Ethiopia is the home of “Lucy” the 1st Homopithecus and arguably, between Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania the first man must have been discovered here. The ancient underground churches are located in Lalibela.

A walk through Addis Ababa

Italian cuisine

A walk through Addis Ababa with the many coffee shops lining the streets and delectable Italian cuisine makes it irresistible for food lovers.


Great meeting facilities at the African Union

Ethiopia is a perfect destination for the MICE market with great meeting facilities at the African Union and a drive by stakeholders to push this market.